The Vietnamese Ambassador in Algeria: « The Vietnam-Algerian cooperation must be strengthen »
Dimanche 21 Juillet 2019
Journal Electronique

In this interview on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the National Day of Vietnam, His Excellency the Ambassador of Vietnam in Algeria, Pham Quoc Tru suggests strengthening in recent years, the economic ties between Algiers and Hanoi and prospects development. The diplomat recalled that Algeria has become the third customer from Vietnam to Africa.

Horizons interview

Horizons: What do you think of the achievements of Vietnam in the 73 years since its independence?

Ambassador of Vietnam in Algeria : During the past 73 years, since the resumption of its independence in 1945, Vietnam has made great achievements in the cause of defending national independence and development, that has won glorious victories in the long wars against the colonialists and imperialists. These victories have encouraged oppressed peoples in the world to rise up against imperialism and colonialism for national independence, contributing to the death of world colonialism and opening a new era of the Vietnamese people. From a backward feudal country, dominated and divided by foreign invaders, Vietnam was liberated and became an independent country, reunited with a popular democratic state based on the rule of law.

Mr. Ambassador, what is the current state of the Algerian-Vietnamese cooperation and its outlook in the coming years?

Vietnam and Algeria enjoy traditional friendship of long standing relationships. Cooperation between them has been notable progress in some areas. The two countries have signed more than 30 agreements laying the legal basis for bilateral cooperation in a number of areas. A joint commission co-chaired by the Ministers of the two countries was established to coordinate and promote bilateral cooperation. At its 11th session held in Algiers last year to mark the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, a large number of measures were agreed by both parties in order to give greater impetus to bilateral cooperation in the coming time.

What the two countries should do to further promote their cooperation, particularly in economic terms?  

Despite a notable development of cooperation between our two countries in various fields in recent years, this cooperation is still below the level of political relationship and the potential of both countries. They would of efforts to address the major obstacles to bilateral cooperation, especially in the economic field and also to take steps to promote such cooperation.

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