The Beneficial autumn rains have created panic in some areas. According to the Office of Meteorology (ONM), this situation will continue today. "This Monday, september 17th cloudy weather will be accompanied by scattered rain on parts of the west, while the east is marked by isolated storm cells in the Aures and showers will be saved," explains Houaria Berekta, the responsible of Communication.

 In recent days, civil protection officers were mobilized. From 15 to 16 September 2319 interventions were identified. Following the heavy rains that fell in the last 24 hours in the wilayas of M'sila, Batna, Tissemsilt, Medea, Chlef, Ain Defla and Oum El Bouaghi, more exhaustion operations and pumping of rainwater were carried through several neighborhoods, homes and public buildings. There are also reports rescue of people in dangerous situations, identified by rain waters.