The Algerian, under the guidance of national coach Wakil Keciba, stood out from the beginning of the Arab Championships U13 and U14, spreading particularly its road the Egyptians Wael Arafet (6-0, 6-2) and Hana Cherif (6-3, 6-3) in the quarters and a half.

This is the only Algerian title in the competition after the elimination in the early rounds, Mohamed Reda Ghettas and Kichou Slimane (U13) and Ramzi Brahimi Abdelkrim Benosmane and Ines Cherif (U14). the Algerian tennis player Bouchra Mebarki was crowned Arab champion under 14 (U14) defeating the Tunisian Jeribi Ghayda in two sets (6-2, 6-3), on Monday in Tunis.